Main poster of Final Fantasy X kabuki play releaved

Main poster of Final Fantasy X kabuki play releaved

For the first time, a video game will be adapted into a kabuki play. To tell the whole story of Final Fantasy X, the play will be in two parts. 
"Shinsaku kabuki Final Fantasy X" will be performed from March 4 to April 12, 2023 at the IHI Stage Around Tokyo in Tokyo. 

The main poster had been revealed yesterday. 

Shinsaku kabuki Final Fantasy X

A video of Yuna in costume was published few days earlier.

Onoe Kikunosuke (5th): Tidus
Nakamura Shido (2nd):Auron
Onoe Matsuya (2nd): Seymour
Nakamura Baishi (4th): Lulu
Nakamura Mantaro (1st): Luzzu / O'aka XXIII
Nakamura Yonekichi (5th): Yuna
Nakamura  Hashinosuke (4th): Wakka
Kamimura Kichitaro (1st): Rikku
Nakamura Shinobu (1st): Yunalesca
Bando Hikosaburo (9th): Kimahri
Nakamura Kinnosuke (2nd) Braska
Bando Yajuro (1st): Jecht
Nakamura Karoku (5th): Cid


Source: Official Twitter 
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